Laser Engraved Personalized Cigars vs Traditional Cigar Bands

Anyone (of age) can order a case of cigars for an event with a custom cigar band wrapped around them. While that’s great, why not take it a step further? At Cigar Ink, we saw how many different companies out there were essentially doing the same type of custom cigar labels, so we knew we had to do things a little differently. Instead of printing a wedding date, company logo, or initials onto a standard cigar band, we decided to acquire the technology to customize, personalize and brand cigars using a laser (think personal engravings and keepsakes).

There are so many occasions in which smoking a cigar is an appropriate way to celebrate. Whether it’s a father’s gift to his son on his 18th birthday (or any birthday milestone), a wedding, or the birth of a new baby, you can always find a reason to smoke a quality, high-end cigar.

Personalized Cigars (Laser Engraved Cigars)

Although custom colors aren’t available as we use a specific type of ink in our engraving system, the type of cigar you choose to engrave will slightly adjust the coloring.

  • Darker cigar wrappers, also known as Maduro, will give off a gold hue.
  • Light cigar wrappers will look silver.

Each personalized cigar is met with such precision that it couldn’t look more professionally done. So, if you’re looking into getting someone a really cool gift that they can enjoy, order them some laser engraved cigars rather than simply ordering cigars with the standard custom band. The only other thing that would be better than the cigars themselves would be the humidor to keep them in.

Traditional Cigar Bands

Whether you’ve seen them on actual cigars or even just the chocolate cigars for the kids, custom cigar bands are cool, but they’re not AS COOL as personalized cigars with laser engraving. While you may get more color choices with traditional cigar bands, they can often look tacky rather than classy. Too many colors can look more like a collage then a set of initials or a company logo. Therefore, if you’re going to order custom cigars, take it the extra step with laser engraving.

Ordering Laser Engraved Personalized Cigars

Take your wedding celebration to the next level by ordering personalized cigars from Cigar Ink for the bridal party to enjoy. However, if you do choose to place an order, we should probably let you know how we do things:

  • We don’t ship outside of the United States, unless there’s an APO address (sorry).
  • If you’re having us ship to a P.O. Box, then it has to be shipped through USPS.
  • If you live in Florida, the states tobacco taxes and laws will be applied to your invoice.
  • The only circumstance in which we ship UPS is if there are hazardous or flammable materials.

Also, keep in mind that the business days for USPS and UPS are different, and trust us when we say that’s not something you want to affect your order. So, if we’re shipping through UPS, their business days exclude holidays, Saturdays and Sundays. For USPS, their business days exclude Sundays as well as holidays.

Find out for yourself the difference between laser engraved personalized cigars vs traditional cigar bands with Cigar Ink. When you’re ready to order your personalized cigars, visit our online gallery where you can view all types of cigars and humidors available. You may also reach us through our online contact form where we can answer any questions you may have.